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Breakfast on the boat

Have you ever dreamed of cruising one of the most breathtaking lakes in the world?  Discover the pleasure of being lull to sleep by the gentle rocking of the boat and been woken up by the smell of freshly baked Italian pastries!

Our 38ft classic sailboat includes all the comfort you might need: heating, hot showers, Bluetooth stereo system, refrigerator, 2 double cabins, 2 restrooms, high thread count sheets, and towels.

Once your reservation is confirmed, it will be our priority to provide you with a tailor-made list of activities and cruises ideas based on your interests and desires.


Please be mindful that while our boat it’s incredibly comfortable and quite spacious, it is still a 38ft boat, not a cruise ship J. Personal space can be limited and, if you are not used to spending extended amounts of time on a boat, you might become seasick. Please keep this in mind when booking.